Beautiful amethyst silver lock pendant.

What amethyst do ?

Amethyst has been believed to possess healing properties that shield the wearer from negative energies. Many believe that the stone’s properties of calming create soothing dreams, by making us more connected to the divine. It also provides peace and clarity to the awake mind since they assist the mind be at ease in both the metaphysical and mental dimensions.

In the ancient days it was believed that natural amethyst was able to cleanse the body of the toxic substances. The ancient Greeks considered that amethyst safeguarded wearers from alcohol and allowed them to maintain an enlightened mind. Goblets were used to drink wine with amethyst stones, to prevent drinking, and the stones were placed on the patients to help draw out the disease.

Beyond the physical advantages and properties of amethyst, its color of purple is a natural calming agent. It is believed that it can ease the rage, manage anger and fears and reduce rage and anxiety.

Other benefits associated with amethyst include the ability to relieve sorrow and grief, and to dissolve negative energy. The color of this gem also has a connection to the activation of spiritual awareness, opening up to intuition and strengthening ones psychic abilities.

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