Jewellery Production

Manual Designing

In designing jewellery, the need of customers is put into consideration. Customers may demand diamonds of a particular colour reflection or some sort of style in designs. Sometimes, the materials that come with the diamond are of equal importance to customers. The dealer will keep them in mind what customers need, and the producer will work according to popular demand. The final decision, however, falls in the hands of the designer as well as the craftsman in the making of diamond jewellery.

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The advanced CAD (computer & design) program enables jewelry professionals to design and customize each piece of jewelry on the computer. The design can be rotated and examined from every angle and then printed by a state of the art 3D printer, to produce a perfect wax model which will then continue to be casted with gold, welded and set with gemstones. We at Yvel believe in providing work places for our talented craftsmen and craftswomen. Advanced technology is therefore integrated in the design process together with the more traditional and personal touch.


Wax model makers transform a simple block of wax into a spectacular jewelrymodel that will later be casted in plaster and gold. The wax is heated until it becomes liquid and then is molded mostly around the gemstone. Using only hand tools like blades and files the wax artisan can shave and carve the wax until the desired shape of the wax takes form. The wax carving is then imbedded in a metal mold which will be filled with plaster and left to harden. The mold containing the hardened plaster is heated in an oven at extreme temperatures to burn away any wax traces. If the artisan is satisfied with the results of the plaster model, it will be transformed into a gold model in the course of the jewelry casting process.

Jewelry Manufacturing Process
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Jewellery Casting Process

In this process, wax models are used for creating moulds and the molten metal is then filled into it. This process is a complex one. However, multiple pieces of the same jewellery can be made in a shorter span, which would, if not, require manual effort. The waxes can either be carved by hand by a specialist wax carver or digital milling processes can be used for the same.

Filing Process

Filing is a basic technique used by jewelers, and the file is one of the most important shaping and finishing tools. Files are used for cutting, shaping, and smoothing metal. Because the file is such a simple looking tool, most people think there is no right way to use it. However, this is not true.

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Jewellery Stone Setting Process

Stone Setting

Although this task would be separate from what a jeweller would usually do, it is gaining prominence and hence, many jewellers have learnt the art of doing the same. In this process, the gemstones are fitted into the finished jewellery pieces. When the stones are to be placed in specialised settings, good stone setters have a lot of scope, as jewelers would have an external setter to carry out the same.

Jewellery Polishing

Once the jewellery is fully made, it has to undergo a last round of polishing. It is the last stage of jewellery making and previously, there were specialised polishers to do the same, especially in Birmingham and London where it is still outsourced. However, in the present days, jewelers do the polishing by themselves.

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Quality Check

A standard procedure is followed in the production of all diamonds. Each jewellery is treated in the same way to come out as good quality finished products. From the handing of rough stones to the attractive polishing stage, the diamonds all follow the proper process. Our highly trained and skilled artisans are up to the task of ensuring high quality job.We have Quality Control Department that oversees each production stage. The process of making diamond jewellery is so organised that we get feedback and measure the quality at each stage of production. We make sure the standard does not fall below the expected quality at every point. The meticulous attention we give to the processes helps us produce the kind of quality our customers want. We made a promise to offer quality products, so we keep our word to create lasting relationships with our customers.

Packaging Process

We are packging  products  by proctecting and measuring the size of product and carefully.Now that your product is properly protected and fitted into the proper size box,it is time to seal the box.Though labeling is the last step, it is one of the most important steps. Double check the recipient’s address and place the label on the top of the box.

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Shipping & Delivery

We have also taken many years of experience and customer requests as a basis in terms of shipping and payment in order to meet all expectations. Each customer chooses whether their delivery is to be sent with FedEx and UPS. We always integrate the most popular payment methods into our payment options as well. You can pay via T/T bank transfer. However, if a parcel might not have been delivered, our customer service provides detailed information and, if necessary, helps with requests for investigation. With our tracking emails you should be able to track down your parcel in more than 99% of the cases on the evening of the day of dispatch. We will continue to work on making your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We are always open to questions and criticism. Do not hesitate to contact us. Address and contact information can be found in our imprint.